JGF Question and Answer – Creatine and Pre and Post Training

I recently received this question from a JGF trainee: “I want to take something that can burn my fat and...

A simple Eating, Supplement and Exercise Plan

Here is a simple plan anyone can follow to get them started down the path of eating right and exercising...

Better Body Weight Training Part 3

In this article I'll list some leg and lower back exercises. Squats -- Use a hip width or shoulder width stance which ever lets you lower your body down lower without raise your heels off the ground. Keep your weight on your heels and the middle of your feet. Point your feet out slightly. Keep your back straight and slightly arched by raising your chest and keeping your elbows high. Bring your hips back and squat down keeping your knees inline with your index toes and try not to let your knees go over your toes much.

Better Body Weight Training Part 2

10 Tips for better body weight exercise... Do the exercise slower or pause at various stages of the movement and do static holds and squeezes to achieve a stronger contraction in the muscles being worked Do the exercise explosively and as fast as you can and make your hands or feet jump up a few inches off of the ground or the surface they are pushing or pulling off

Better Body Weight Training Part 1

Better Body Weight Training Part 1 ..... Lower body including lower back and upper back exercises should comprise 70% or more of your total amount of exercise. Don’t try to specialize on one body part (unless it’s the legs or back) like the chest or arms or abs to spot reduce fat or build muscle because it really doesn’t work for building lean muscle and strength. If you want to look better and have more muscle you need to get stronger as a whole and if you work your legs and back hard enough all your other muscles will get a good workout at the same time.... Train your whole body including and with special attention and focus to your legs and back. If you want to get stronger in your upper body then unlike the lower body you need to do less than 10 reps, about 5 reps is what you should be doing. Doing more than 10 reps in a set is building your endurance not strength especially with your pressing exercises like the pushup.

John Graham Junior Golf Fitness Summer Camp

John Graham will be holding a specialized Junior Golf Fitness Summer Camp during the holiday period in Shenzhen. For more...

How to Deadlift

The deadlift is one of the three lifts used in powerlifting and it is used by just about every strength athlete to develop strength and power in the posterier chain. The posterior chain is the strongest group of muscles in the body that allows the human body to function as a crane to lift objects off of the ground using the strongest leverage points in the body which are the lowerback and the hips.

Non-Stop Full Body Workouts

By making your workout a High Intensity full body workout you can sufficiently exercise all the muscle groups with only 1 set of several different lower and upper body exercises if you know the right rep range and you can calculate the right amount of resistance for that rep range and you can make the workout high intensity if you cut out out or keep to a bare minimum (which is just enough time to catch your breath) the resting time between sets and exercises.

How ISSA has made a difference in my life

How ISSA has made a difference in my life

Before I studied with the International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA), I had heard a lot about exercise from different sources,...

Why and how to use Kettlebells for Resistance Training

Using kettlebell for progressive resistance requires you to first progress to higher and higher reps before adding weight because kettlebell weights go up by 4 kgs and when using 2 kettlebells together that gives you an increase of 8 kgs. This requires you to build stamina, endurance and improve your conditioning as you build your strength.