You 2.0 Update: Team Chunky Monkey Looks to be the Team to Beat

You 2.0 CompetitionTeam Chunky Monkey was born out of the obvious need for 6 guys who drink plenty of beer and know the pub streets of Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Guangzhou better drunk than when they are actually sober, to have to “tighten the belt” so to speak and get onto some kind of health and fitness plan; Along came You2.0, and Chunky Monkey Captain, Marcus Maher, and henceforth the team was formed. Combining an elite group of overweight chunkies, who have all done their time, seemed like a pure recipe for success.

So far just a week in, and they are proving it. The high-level transformation team of Marcus Maher, Dylan Blankenship, Pete Peterson, Jason Holliday (Last year’s champion) Stephen Browne and Andy Church, have already laid down the challenge and have set their routine at 5 x 8am morning workouts together a week, and then the Saturday morning group training with David Harper, strength trainer.

The team weighed in at a team total of 570.9 Kgs, at an average of 95.15 Kgs/person. With a body fat average in the team of 22.27% per person. Team Chunky Monkey has entered the following team events together:

  1. Team Chunky MonkeyFootball
  2. Cross Fit Challenge
  3. 100m
  4. Touch Rugby
  5. 10km – Stephen Browne

We wish, not only Team Chunk Monkey all the best, but also all the other teams that are up against them. They have their eyes on those Manny Pacqiao Boxing tickets, and with current defending champion Jason Holliday on their side, and at least 15 years average experience from each one of the team members on being chunky, they really are, just as the names suggests, a real deadly force to be reckoned with!


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