FUSION FITNESS 2.0 – Time to Upgrade

I am excited to let you know about the changes we will be putting in place starting this week, Mon 25th May, till completion by next Monday, 3rd June. During the week we will be making both physical and fundamental changes to Fusion, in what we have for the last few months internally termed the Fusion 2.0 project, that will see Fusion change into something more purely a super gym.

The current area of the gym now occupied by the gym equipment will be spread over the full floor area of all of Fusion and equipment set up according to specifics zones, based on training types and personalities.

The walls, which now currently create different rooms throughout Fusion will be taken down and the entire gym opened up. New types of flooring will be put in and other areas will get appropriate makeovers themselves all relevant to the training type The actual zone set-ups chosen are the Cross-fit Zone, Power-lifting Zone, Mixed Martial Arts Zone, Athletic Zone, Functional Zone, Express Zone and the Interval Zone.

Each zone is equipped with certain training pieces suited to certain training styles/personalities and also set-up to be used as a small group personal training class within any one zone. Which is then the next key element to Fusion becoming Fusion 2.0 because of the huge popularity from our members to do group training with a personal trainer, where 3-5 clients join together with a trainer, we decided to also launch a series of small group PT classes specific to each zone. See more about the new Fusion Zones

The division of the zones and the expansion of the gym is a move too on our part as we recognized the growing number of Fusion Family Members and their different approaches to training The high level Fusion 2.0 training staff were also another reason for the creation of the zones, it allows them the opportunity to take clients through different training styles and expose clients to new ideas and approaches in their training programs, which is something you simply will don’t get at any other gym.

We’ve taken our strong points and made them stronger, and responded in the best way we think we can to keep to our mission of giving our members the best place to train in Shenzhen and taking our gym higher and higher. The group’s recent successful venture with a new gym in Futian under the same structure as Fusion 2.0 has got us all super excited for the future, to celebrate this awesome transition for Fusion we have decided to recognize a Fusion First 100 Membership List of 100 members that upon registration up to the Fusion 2.0 family will receive a once-off name and numbered card that will recognize the person as one of those people who truly helped us go from Fusion to Fusion 2.0 and make the dream of putting in the most awesome gym Shenzhen has to offer always that one step better.

We can really only offer the card to 100 members, and for the exact details on it I have attached the outline (Download the Fusion 100 info sheet here) for those who want to sign up, and we really want to offer it to current members first before we accidentally have a new member join the list when one of our current members wanted to be on there. I know the Fusion PT trainers will start to invite their clients this week, so the positions will fill up quickly. Also over the weekend the offer will go out across Shekou and then new members may be eligible to join, so please if do you want to once again honor us and be part of the transition when you are in the gym this week, let them know you want to be in, AND remember to pick your number, I’m pretty sure 001 is gone already, but you can always try.To become a Fusion 100 member, please e-mail Swan@fusionfitnesssz.com

Once again from the whole Fusion Fitness family, we would like to say a big thank you to all of the community of Shekou, and other parts of Shenzhen, for making this really awesome adventure continue.

Big big thanks,


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