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Golf Specific Fitness in Shenzhen

As a golfer, you will be evaluated to determine your fitness and golf performance levels, resulting in a focused program that strengthens and conditions, ensuring optimal performance. The sport of golf and the golf swing is one of the most intricate, precise and carefully calculated of all the sports and the golf swing involves many elements combined together in perfect synchronicity to produce a perfect impact.

Golf, just like any other sport has an important component of fitness training and developing, which JGGF aims to provide to every individual who is serious about their golf game and wants to perform at their very best.

Throughout the JGGF training program, areas of focus will include:

  • Posture
  • Core strength
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Flexibility
  • General muscle strength
  • Joint, spinal, soft tissue mobility
  • Sensory awareness
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Weight shifting

Before beginning any fitness program involving intensity and resistance training it’s important to establish:

  • The individuals’ fitness needs and goals
  • The areas of performance that need to be developed
  • The health and fitness history of the individual with special regards to past injuries and further injury prevention
  • The nutrition habits of the individual and are they conducive to optimizing performance and a healthy active lifestyle.

John Graham Golf Fitness Programs

I’ve developed 4 programs for Golf Fitness:

  1. The Golf Specific – Tour Player Program
  2. The General Athletic Fitness Program
  3. The Strength Program
  4. Junior Golf Fitness Program

Tour Player Program

1. The Golf specific – Tour Player Program

The Tour Player Program is designed to address a golfers weakness, make them his or her strong areas, as well as continue to develop and enhance all factors of the golf swing and golf game – such as strength, balance, coordination, posture etc.

Focused training on areas that need improvement in sports performance is called ‘Sports Specific Training’ and is a more advanced form of training. This program is for individuals who have a long history of training and basic muscular strength as well as a high level of endurance.
This program is highly individualized and involves a great deal of connection between game performance and gym training performance.

 The General Athletic Fitness Program

2. The General Athletic Fitness Program

This program is for people new to training and want to improve their fitness and health so they can play with ease and perform better not only in the sport of golf but also in their daily lives.

It’s important to address over-all fitness of an individual before beginning a ‘Sports Specific Program’, as your performance first begins with how healthy and fit your are as a person in daily life.

The Strength Program

3. The Strength Program

This program is a strength and power focused program specifically designed to give you more power in your swing and focused strength in your drives.

What I have found is that one element that is always lacking in golfers is over-all strength so I have designed a program to target strength in all muscles of the body.

4. Junior Golf Fitness Program

Early development of Golf Fitness for a junior, which will then lead to better performance in later years of playing.

Seeing the potential in a junior and capitalizing on their strengths and striving to make the juniors weakness their strengths is where Golf Fitness can play an important part and become a vital element in a juniors golf development program.

Each Junior Golf Fitness Program will begin with an evaluation and then I will create a program based on body weight resistance training and flexibility exercises. These type of exercises are safe and effective for juniors at any age who are just starting a Golf Fitness program.

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