Feedback From JGF Clients

Cindy Reid

CEO, Cindy Reid Golf Enterprises, Ltd. (HK)

“As a professional for over 20 years, I have witnessed, not only in my student, but in my own golf game how improving your fitness level can improve your overall game. John Graham is a fitness trainer with the knowledge and experience to improve your overall fitness level and make you a healthier and more balanced golfer. His approach to fitness is inspiring, motivational, and game changing.”

Michelle N. Irwin

General Manager, Cindy Reid Golf Academy at Mission Hills

“I have been working with John for over 6 months now and I am amazed that no two workouts have been the same. His workouts are tough, but I leave each session feeling like I have accomplished something. John’s enthusiasm for what he does is contagious. He constantly motivates me to work harder, get stronger and focus on my nutrition. I am a healthier and happier person because of John Graham Fitness.”

AJ Madani

Aspiring Tour Player

“After working with John for about 2 months I began to see the changes in my game I have been looking for. As a golfer, I asked John to help me with my strength and flexibility so that I could gain more distance and accuracy. The routines he creates and knowledge that he has about the body and muscles have been exciting be a part of. We have never done the same routine twice he is always creating new programs and exercises each time. I enjoy going into the gym now not only because of the results but for the motivation that John puts into each session.”

Mike Schield

CRG Instructor and Class A Member of the PGA of America

“In the short period of time I have worked with John, I have noticed changes in my body mass and strength. His knowledge about nutrition and fitness, as well as his passion and motivation, have made working with John a blast.”

Sarah LeonardisSarah Leonardis

Exercise Enthusiast and Long Distance Runner

“I had the pleasure of working with John Graham for almost two years. His endless energy kept me going through high level strength training and sprinting. His workouts were always creative and pushed me to the next level. By adding cardio boxing to the end of my session, John was able to find a way to keep up my energy, even after a long day at work. John frequently gave me workouts for vacation times and ideas for independent sessions. I am not sure what I am going to do without him! Thank you, John Graham!”

Yuki Ren XueYuki Ren XueYuki

Fitness Enthusiast, Long Distance Runner

“I’ve been training with John for a year and half and he has provided me with valuable advice and guidance on training and nutrition.

He is a great motivator and he has a great way of motivating me with his words and instilling in me a sense of competition with myself and my abilities. I have learned so much about supplementation and am on Avery complete supplement program that falls on line with my training and nutrition. Seeing theses elements come together to change my physique has been amazing.”

Geoff StarlingGeoff Starling

Grizzly Personal Training, Sydney, Australia

“I got to know John while I was living in China and realized immediately that he was a great asset to the fitness community in Shenzhen. Whether your goals are burning off unwanted fat to get into those new jeans or adding some muscle to your frame to hold your own on the sports field, John will design you a customized program to get you into the best shape of your life. As with all the best teachers, John asks a lot of questions and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to his thirst for health and fitness knowledge. This translates to you being in the hands of a technically and practically experienced trainer. I’m jealous that he calls Shenzhen home because we need more like him in Australia.”


Hong Kong / Australia

“As a DJ, my image is very important, yet being involved in the late-night party industry can be heavily exhausting and destructive on my body. It’s very hard to find a balance between late nights and drinking, meanwhile trying to stay healthy and fit. I’ve been training with John Graham for around 6 months now, and he’s helped me find the perfect formula for my body’s recovery after a long night’s work. His tailor-made workouts and diet plans help me undo all the damage from the previous night’s work and also continue to make gains in fitness.

He’s improved my overall strength and endurance, given me personalized workouts and body enhancing tips, and best of all rekindled a passion within me to not only endure, but to love the momentary pain of “going hard” at the gym in order to achieve the results that I want. I used to dread going to the gym because my routines were always too similar or predictable. But when I train with John I actually get excited because I have no idea what new challenge he’s going to spring on me next! I’ve never met anyone more inspired, committed and full of energy than John Graham.”

Catherine R.Catherine R.


“Since training with John, my fitness level has had an incredible boost. Within a month, I’ve gone from being inactive and sluggish to energized and ready for the gym daily. My overall diet and state of mind have improved drastically as well. I’ve made more progress in these past few weeks with John than I have in the last four years of my life.. Cheers!”

Gregory K. BurnhamGregory K. Burnham

Natural Body Building Competitor in Canada

“I have had the pleasure of having John graham as a workout partner for the better part of two years (2005 -2007). John is one of the most dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly people I have ever had the honour of knowing. While training with him and also knowing him on a personal level I have seen a man who knows nothing less than going all out while training.
The intensity that he puts into his workouts carry through his whole energy for life. John is charismatic and a full of life trainer that I would highly recommend for anyone who would like to see themselves at a better level of physical fitness.”

LisaLisa Hassell

“Two weeks in and I’m already missing my workouts with Johnny and Josh. Both are incredible, motivated and focused people who have helped me firstly to sustain a high fitness level through injury and recover safely and secondly to successfully reach my long distance running goals once again.

The consistently positive energy that both Johnny and Josh have help me sustain their tough workouts! Thanks for the energy and enthusiasm over the past few years!”

Darragh Hudson

President, Shenzhen Dragons Rugby Football Club

“Johnny has been playing rugby with Shenzhen Dragons RFC since the clubs formation early 2007. He has been a key member of the team and a core part of our weekly training sessions. As a team of mainly expatriates, we play rugby in our spare time as a social outlet with the fitness aspect only as a bonus. However, Johnny’s attitude towards fitness and his expertise in the area has made it easy to integrate a valuable yet fun fitness regime into our weekly training sessions and even encouraging many of our players to train with him at additional early morning week day sessions. Johnny’s input has had a huge impact on our teams overall fitness, strength and resilience. It has given us knowledge of our own individual weaknesses, strengths and methods to improve. Also with some great diet advice many players have been able to improve their weight and gain more from each training session.

I have full confidence in recommending Johnny to any individuals or teams who are looking for improved physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. His knowledge supported by his enthusiasm and endless support is a guaranteed winner.”

Steve B.Steve B.

Gaelic Football Player, Rugby Player and Avid Surfer

“John is Mr. Motivator in the gym and an inspiration for healthy living out of it. At age 33 I was an absolute beginner to weight lifting but I feel I have already made good progress after 3 months of regular training. I wanted to improve my overall strength for general well being and to improve in sports – surfing, football, rugby. Training with John you will never get bored, he changes things up every 3 or 4 weeks so you are always targeting new goals. He knows how to ease you in to tough exercises like pull ups. 200 abs at the end of a workout doesn’t scare me anymore! Bring it on.”

EricEric Clarke

Shenzhen Dragons Scrum Half

“I have always wanted to get in shape but lacked the persistence to really make it work. With JG’s help I’ve turned my motivation from a stumbling block into my greatest asset. His unfloundering dedication to his fitness cause along with zealot like dedication to both the discovery of new methods and the refinement of old trusted ones makes Johnny’s routines both invigorating and indispensable.”

Eman Buckley

Eman Buckley

Gold Coast, Australia

“I’ve been training with John Graham for about 2 months now, following his program and diet plan, and the first few thoughts that come to mind regarding John and the personal training that he has to offer are: professional, highly individualized, a program that is tailor-made to fit my unique body’s needs and desired goals. With John Graham, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You can be certain that if you have him as your personal fitness coach, he will take into account every detail and factor regarding your current physique, unique situation and set of circumstances, as he did with mine, and create for you a workout program specifically suited for you and your goals. John has a high level of dedication to fitness which he strives to impart to his clients and his enthusiasm and passion for excellence is contagious. In a short while – within the space of only a month, I began to see a marked difference in both my body and my attitude regarding fitness – I quickly realized that I actually could have the kind strength and toning that i wanted and was able to attain the level of fitness I’ve always wanted.”

Jacques OelofseJacques Oelofse

SA North Kite boarding Team Rider

“I have been working out on and off for about 9 years now. To gather the knowledge on muscle groups, exercises, workout plans, nutrition and all the other tips and tricks that need you to reach your fitness goals fast can be time consuming and with so much information out there sometimes frustrating.
I started working out with John Graham recently and my workouts have exploded. His extensive knowledge on the subject has given me the confidence to leave my workouts in his hands and to focus on my training. John has taken my goals and turned them into an intense workout with a great nutrition plan. His immense energy and constant motivation makes my time in the gym both enjoyable and challenging. I recently injured my knee and he instantly had alternatives to all the exercises to keep me on track. Nuff said!
Thanks John for making them count. “

MarcusMarcus M.

Shenzhen, China

“I had the benefit of receiving some very helpful and much needed advice from John Graham on nutrition and exercise.
I can see that he makes a great deal of effort to stay in great shape and eat healthy.
With obesity, heart disease and illness becoming more and more prominent, some one with a passion for health and fitness, who enjoys helping people reach their fitness goals is needed all the more.John has that passion and genuine care for people’s health and well-being. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to make a change and jump-start their healthy life.”

Marcus M., Shenzhen, China

ScottScott T.

Entrepreneur, Business Man, China

“I recently returned from a three week trip to Australia . I stepped on a scale and my weight had ballooned to 78 kilos, I had gained 5 kilos in such a short time.
I needed to lose that weight so I called John Graham and he asked me to join him at the Gym. John prepared a program that involved circuit weights and cardio workouts. It’s been three weeks since starting the program and I have lost 6 kilos and look fitter than I have in years. John also gave me a sensibly eating plan and encouraged me to keep going when I was fatigued. Thanks John!”