Body Metrix Testing in Futian and Shekou

Body Metrix in FutianWhen it comes to training and fitness, as with everything in life, what gets measured, can get improved. If you can not measure it, there is no way to improve it… :) So before embarking on any fitness plan, know first before hand what is it you are trying to improve (what your goals are) and then make sure you pally the correct metric to ensure you know if you are improving and getting the results you want.

One obvious measurement, and it would be tied to someone looking to be strong, is taking an exercise like Bench Press, and then progressively getting stronger each week over a period of weeks… That’s one example of one element, but there are loads more- as many as you could possibly think what your goals to be… For us however, almost regardless of what someone’s goal is we like to start with a metric that relates to what we all want- to look good :) – and relates to the true value of doing sports and exercise, the body fat and lean muscle mass measurement.

Having this at the start of your fitness regime gives you an honest open view of where you stand and how much unwanted waste really is on your body… Using a medical device that scans with ultrasound and measures each layer of the body, the Body Metrix, gives us a reading on a client that allows us to see how much fat, how much muscle, and even what exposure to heart disease the client is sitting at. So besides knowing if you are in real trouble before you even start ;) the test gives you a range of results that you can look at and decide what you want to improve- be it strip body fat, add lean muscle, or make the heart stronger. With this test in hand at the beginning, as you move through your journey, and tend towards each goal, each month, each year, you will now have a metric that shows you if you are heading in the right direction or not :) Simply jumping on the scale has too many variables for anyone to be the main determinant of success or not.

Click for more infoSo do yourself a favor, next time you are in the gym, get yourself tested and see where your body is at, otherwise you are training in the dark in terms of your results… Good luck and all the best from the the FRESHe/Fusion team.

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