Male Model Tema Tumanov shares his story

First of all i want to say its my pleasure to be asked to share my story here on John Graham Fitness! I am always glad to share my experience with people.

This is my story.

I first started modeling by accident. My sister’s classmate suggested I go and try out at an agency and test the model industry which was pretty new in my native city in Russia at that time. She told me she had an old friend who was well connected in the industry and that she could help me out.
I am the kind of person who will never miss an opportunity  to get the most out of life. I successfully passed the first model casting and was well on the way in the industry. So that’s how I started my modelling career. On that time I was studying my second year of State Mining University on electromechanical department. So modeling became my second hobby after sport.
Long before that,  when I was a kid my parents saw this energy and passion for any and all new things that seemed to spread out from me and decided to direct it in a right way. I started aerobics at the age of 7 and ended up taking an interest in a special kind of dance called ‘acrobatic rock’n roll’ and became a professional dancer in 2001. My greatest achievement was 3d place in an open Championship of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Four years of professional dancing gave me a chance to take part in the World Championship but I unfortunately missed out on the title because of a terrible back injury. It took me many years after to recover and start my training again.
In the mean time I was really impressed by the things going on in the model industry. By the time of  my graduation I was involved in it completely and decided to devote my life to modelling.
My first trip out of my country was to Shanghai where I gained a lot of experience. The basic schedule during summer season is four to eight castings during the day plus rehearsals and fittings. That’s pretty much everywhere in the world, the difference is only in the kind of job and attitude from the clients to the models. During the past two years of traveling and modelling I have visited many countries such as China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and Italy.
Wherever you are it’s very important to stay in a good shape for the industry. I figured the best way to make it, is to plan your work out each time you arrive to the location. So you need to know either where there is a gym or some other place to exercise. I perform  two different types of training. The first one is well known; you got your stuff and choose your training course. Normally for me i do 2 types of muscles during the training day. For example I do arms and shoulders 1st day, chest and abs 2d, back and legs for the 3d. 3 times per week, 45 minutes to an hour is basic. If I have time for 1 more day I usually put more exercises to each muscle group. The second type is when you don’t have the gym and special training devices. It’s a different story which also can take place in a fitness life. There are tons of good videos and articles about how to work out without the gym. I use any crossbar for pull ups, which can replace a lot of exercising for the upper body in the gym, then i do push ups, ‘8 minutes perfect abs’ on the ground, squats with any weight in your hands and many others.
Nutrition and diet are super important to stay in shape. I can say I am lucky enough to genetically have low fat body therefore, I need Weight Gainer, protein shakes from American Dymatize for instance and creatin monohydrate. Right now I don’t use any sport food, just good day nutrition. More eggs, milk and cottage cheese in the morning give you natural protein + muesli and oat meal, meat necessarily during the day and try to finish dinner before 9 so your stomach has some time to relax.
No fast food or deep fried dishes!!! Get rid of bad habits: smoking and alcohol kills your goals, which are very important. You can achieve everything you want. Impossible is nothing-that’s my motto! Don’t let bad habits stop you on a half way.
Another very important thing is inspiration. If you don’t have one better don’t even start fitness training. You have to have your goals in mind, you should see your body in the future, plan your lifestyle, sacrifice yourself to fitness if I can say so. Each training I give my 100% and never less. I know I will succeed because i put my best effort on it. If even you don’t see a result in a while don’t give up, do it twice harder, better, stronger! Each time after good work out  I am really satisfied.
To be honest I must say I have an idol in bodybuilding. Each time before training I like watching a different video with him which inspire me to put even more energy. He gave me this idea that fitness is more about your mind than your body. He is a great athlete, one of the most successful actors and recently finished his political career. Guess who it is?
What about my cardio? Well I don’t do any special things. Its just like walking and running. Every time I am in a new place I need to explore and the best way is to walk;  like I did a lot in Singapore and Bali. Hiking in the mountains and running on the beach at sunset. These are just a small things which will bring you to a good result. Walk as much as you can, better in the parks or in green areas.
Those were just a few tips from my life experience. You can find yours by trying different kinds or types of exercising.
That was my story in a few words. Hope you enjoy it. Frankly speaking it’s not very easy to be a model with all this lifestyle changing places all the time, but if you want to try, just do it! I truly believe you will succeed if you try your best.
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