Lifestyle Diseases Affecting Chinese at an Alarming Rate

Processed foodsChina is facing an epidemic of Lifestyle Diseases within the next 10-15 years. Over the past 20 years the consumption of whole foods and vegetables has decreased 50%; consumption of cheese has increased 200%; eggs up 300%; chicken up 400%; beef is up 500%; and the consumption of processed and packaged foods has increased 1000%!

The 4 top killers in the world now are all Lifestyle Diseases.

4: Stroke
1 out of every 24 people die from stroke
Major Cause: Excessive salt intake especially from packaged foods.

3. Diabetes
1 out of every 10 people die from diabetes
Major Cause: Excessive sugar intake especially from processed foods and bottled drinks such as juices, soft drinks, yogurts, snack bars etc.

2. Cancer
1 out of every 7 people die from cancer
Major Cause: smoking and the exposure to second hand smoke and chemicals in processed foods.

1. Heart Disease
1 out of every 5 people die from heart disease
Major Cause: Animal fat, and lack of exercise means the human body becomes internally ‘bogged down’ with fatty deposits and hardening of the arteries and blood vessels.

The Simple 5 Step Solution:

Don’t smoke, reduce or eliminate salt, sugar and animal fat from your diet and get ACTIVE… You can do it! Why not start TODAY!

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