New Fitness Habits for Chinese New Year!

2013 Chinese New Year Fitness TipsDuring Chinese New Year there are an abundance of family get-togethers, pitch-in meals, and we forget the normal rules about dessert. This Holiday season is also a time for reflection and goal-setting. And after being surrounded by big meals, fitness is often on everyone’s mind when Chinese New Year is over and it’s time to get back to work.

Despite all the good intentions that energize thoughts of another year, an estimated 60-percent of gym memberships never get used. While we can chalk that fitness gap up to a lack of priority, winter weather, or other responsibilities, fitness professionals can help motivate, inform, and hold accountable those individuals who aren’t just looking to set a goal, but actually reaching, excelling, and exceeding.

Here are a few helpful strategies for the flurry of 2013 fitness plans.

It’s quick and easy to say you’ll workout 3 days a week, but as the calendar moves on and fills up, you can find yourself short on time. Establish regular days of the week and book them in your calendar, planner, or online schedule. Block out time for your workout, and you’ll have one less excuse for missing one!

Specific goals can help take away some of the fuzziness associated with individual workouts, which can easily vary in frequency or quality. Instead, set specific and reasonable goals attached to a date or achievement. Enter a 5K race, or identify a pace or weight-training goal that pushes you to excel but also recognizes your starting point.

Part of any goal-setting regimen is accountability, and fitness goals are no different. If you struggle with working out by yourself, find a workout partner who shares your schedule. Or, find a fitness class, pick-up game, or other activity to attend on a regular basis. And if none of those work; share your plans and goals with your friends and family – the more people you tell about it, the more accountable you’ll feel.

Sometimes you need a little motivational help to reach your goals. Whether it’s a favorite food, a trip someplace special, or even a new piece of workout gear – rewarding yourself after reaching a goal can help give you that extra push towards the next step. Many gyms and fitness facilities offer incentives for participation as well, in case you’re not one for rewarding yourself.

Are you a phone person? If you just can’t put down your smartphone, consider all the different types of fitness and healthy living applications that are available. From calorie counters, to run distance trackers and more, you’re sure to find a visually appealing app that keeps you invested in your goals. Taking it another step, there are even social networks you can join to follow and even compete against yourself and others.

Good luck and Happy 2013 – Year of the Snake!

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