Non-Stop Full Body Workouts

By making your workout a High Intensity full body workout you can sufficiently exercise all the muscle groups with only 1 set of several different lower and upper body exercises if you know the right rep range and you can calculate the right amount of resistance for that rep range and you can make the workout high intensity if you cut out out or keep to a bare minimum (which is just enough time to catch your breath) the resting time between sets and exercises.

How ISSA has made a difference in my life

How ISSA has made a difference in my life

Before I studied with the International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA), I had heard a lot about exercise from different sources,...

Why and how to use Kettlebells for Resistance Training

Using kettlebell for progressive resistance requires you to first progress to higher and higher reps before adding weight because kettlebell weights go up by 4 kgs and when using 2 kettlebells together that gives you an increase of 8 kgs. This requires you to build stamina, endurance and improve your conditioning as you build your strength.

High Intensity Cardio at Home

High intensity cardio exercise is usually done for intervals that means you have an exercise interval of about 30seconds to a minute and a rest interval of about 30seconds to a minute.

JGF runs the AAE Sprint series in HK

At the beginning of this year I made the commitment to accept any and all fitness challenges no matter what....

Alex Ma – True Determination

Getting inspired and motivated to exercise, develop, get better and stay healthy and fit! During the spring break of early...